We Created Explorer Mail
with you in Our Mind

We understand your needs and have created the right tools to help you achieve your email Marketing goals. Now you can send the right messages at the right time to the right customers.

Automate your email marketing with the right tools

Use our email assistant tool to help you curate personalized emails so that your customers will feel as if they are being addressed individually. Take advantage of our powerful email marketing tools to help you set up automatic messages and save yourself a lot of productive time by setting up a powerful workflow that suits your need and then you can do other things with your time while your automated email service drives revenue to your business.

All the tools you need to become an Email Automation Expert

Explorer Mail is an efficient platform that helps your emails and newsletters to stand-out by
providing tools to help create unique designs.

Welcome Emails

To connect with your first-time customers and create a very good first impression with them. Easily automate the emails to your prospects.

Birthday Emails

Celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays with them by sending happy birthday emails to them and even offer them birthday discounts if available.

Drip Campaigns

Send periodic messages to your contacts to keep your business awareness afloat with them.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Utilize the abandoned cart email option to remind customers about the products they’ve left in their carts.

Feedback and Follow-up Emails

Easily follow -up on orders and product enquiries, asks for feedback about a product or services.

Build and stay connected

Keep in touch by sending periodic emails to your list about your brand to keep them connected and even grow your brand popularity

Design any kind of automated scenario to suit your business need

Find out what email campaign workflow works best for you and use it to engage your customers. Our automated solution is designed to make email marketing easy for you so that you don’t ever have to send emails manually again.
Drag and drop builder
Create personalized emails and newsletter with our beautifully designed templates. It is easy to use for anyone and you don’t have to be a graphics designer to know how to use it.
Insights and analytics
This smart tool helps you stay ahead of your competition by giving detailed reports of your email campaigns, predicting customers interest and updated trends in your industry.
Subscriber management
Access your subscriber behavior, survey responses, chat interactions, and other data about your customer so that you can use the information to send targeted emails that are relevant to their personal interest, in so doing you can improve your subscriber growth and loyalty.
Embeded Subscription Form
You can Design and customize your Email List Subscription form and embed then in your website
Access to all our email automation and marketing tools

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